Jeremy De Longpre is the husband of Richard.

Jeremy is the undeterred "stepmom" who continually puts on a happy face in the wake of the abuse from Richard in order to make the relationship work, which is unusual since Jeremy has admitted that he is completely heterosexual with natural children. Richard beganwent on a campaign of harressment on Jeremy to strongarm him into a homosexual relationship with him. Jeremy has decided to go back to work due to the recession and took Richard's last name when they became husband and husband several years ago. Jeremy is shy and lacks confidence, but he has a huge heart and even though he gets walked on, trampleite a stir with Allen, since Jeremy was responsible for his home-schooling.

He is voiced by Nat Faxon.

While not as disliked as much as Allen, some seeing him as one of the only likable characters, he does usually recieve criticizim as well for being a 'pushover'.


  • Jeremy is actually hetrosexual instead of homosexual

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